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A transformed society with sustainable community development and social inclusion.


Community mobilization and mindset change, empowerment and protection of the vulnerable groups of people.


Enhancing community capacity to make informed decisions to address the social, economic challenges of poverty, gender inequalities and protection, governance/leadership and health.

Strategic Objectives/Outputs

-Increased community paricipation in development programs (up take of government programs for development)

- Improved household income levels through income generating initiations (enterprise management)

-Improved functional literacy skills for planning, production and enterpreneurship 

-Improved social welfare of children, women, PWDs, youths and the older persons.

-Improved labor administration at the work place.

-Strengthened collaboration with other departments and development partners.


- Awareness creation and mindset change through community mobilization and sensitization on development programs and projects.

- Capacity building/ training to enhance communities' functional literacy skills through group formation / organisations' home visiting (Household visioning) and specific meetings and target groups.

- Case management, follow-ups and support (probation work) to ensure prevention of Gender Based Violence (GBV).

- Facilitate special interest groups' councils (women, youth, PWDs and Elderly) as per their statutory acts.

- Mobilize, facilitate, monitor and supervise parish development model (PDM), UWEP/YLP, PWD grant, Special Assistance Grant and Empowerment (SAE) and Special Empowerment Grant for Older Persons (SEGOP) 

- Supervising and monitoring community programs of departments and implementing partners.

Priorities for 2023/2024

- Community mobilization and Empowerment.

- Facilitating Gender and Social safeguards response in programs / projects implementation.

- Facilitating social protection and Empowerment of PWDs, Youths, Women, Children and Elder Persons.

- Promoting probation and social welfare services.

- Mobilization for PDM uptake.

- Monitoring and Supervision.